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‘We want to distance from him’; says Ottawa residents petitioning to change the name of The Trump Avenue.

Residents of an Ottawa neighborhood are looking to keep themselves away from Donald Trump by renaming their street, which bears his name which they considered as a source of intrigue once, but now an embarrassment. The Trump Avenue on the Canadian capital’s west side has lines of brick homes, each with two-car garages and kids playing hockey in driveways.

The Central Park neighborhood, known for New York City-themed street names, was built in the late 1990s. There’s also a Madison Park, Bloomingdale Street, Manhattan Crescent, and Staten Way in the area.

The residents commented that they are being mocked for the name of the place they reside in. Bonnie Bowering moved here in 2008. “When I used to tell people I live on Trump Avenue and I would add, ‘Yes, it is The Donald,’ people would smirk, some offered sympathies, that sort of thing. But now, after he’s undermined democracy, and incited an insurrection, a violent attack on the US Capitol — it’s time to change our street name,” One of them commented. They feel Trump doesn’t deserve the honor and that it’s inappropriate to have a street named after him in Canada’s capital.

Ottawa city councilor Riley Brockington has started gathering support for the name change from people who live on the street this week.

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