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Airlines requests WHO to rule out quarantining for passengers who received coronavirus vaccine.

The airline industry has requested the World Health Organization to bring about the rule that it’s safe for people to fly without quarantining once they’ve received a coronavirus vaccine. Acknowledgment of that principle from the United Nations agency is important to the development of a digital-travel pass focused on getting people moving again once virus rates ease, the International Air Transport Association said Wednesday.

Nick Careen, IATA’s senior vice president for passenger matters, said in a briefing that they wanted the WHO to come out and say this new rule so that it becomes a universal acceptance that once you’re vaccinated you should not have to go through any of these hoops.

The commencement of common standards for vaccine certificates, a key aspect of IATA’s proposed Travel Pass smartphone app, needs to come into being much faster, Careen said. Paper-based documents are more open to fraud, with several cases having already emerged, he said. The IATA app, which can also be utilized to store a negative test result, is due to be launched in March.

The WHO’S Emergency Committee on Covid-19 doesn’t suggest countries demand proof of vaccination from incoming travelers, as the impact of vaccinations in reducing transmission is unknown, the agency said on Jan. 15. Nations should instead execute organized, evidence-based measures for safe travel, it said.




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