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Residency permits of 1.8 lakh expats cancelled

Residency permits of more than 1.8 lakh expats has been cancelled.  Top officials in Kuwait has said this. As per latest updates, the residency permits of 182,393 expatriates, working in Kuwait, have become invalid. The residency permits were cancelled for overstaying abroad due to travel restrictions prompted by the global coronavirus pandemic.

This figure covers the data from March 12 last year until January 10 of this year. Expatriates who have been outside Kuwait for more than six months are permitted to re-enter the country while their residency permits are still valid.

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“Accordingly, sponsors of expatriates whose residency permits have expired while they are outside the country must get approval from this committee for the issuance of entry visas. Following their entry, they will be granted residency permits requested by their sponsors,” said Brig. Hamad Al Tawalah, Director-General of Residency Affairs.

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