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‘Huge scam in the guise of Covid-19’ ; Retired govt official demands health minister to interfere.

Abraham Koshy, a film actor, and a retired government official said that under the guise of Covid,  looting continued to be going on in the state. Abraham Koshy reveals this from his own experience. He was admitted to the Superspeciality Hospital in Mamangalam on January 28 and was charged more than Rs 2 lakh by the hospital authorities. Abraham Koshy revealed this in a video shared on social media. As he says in the video:


‘I am Abraham Koshy, a retired government official. On 28/01/2021 I was confirmed with Covid and I sought admission in a super specialty hospital in Mamangalam. While staying in the General Ward there, Covid confirmed with my wife and daughter’s child. Got an AC room as they had no other rooms. The rent is Rs 10,300 a day. ‘This room rent includes doctor’s fees, nurse fees also. It includes no test or diagnostic procedures. The three of us returned and they gave us the bill which was Rs 2,40,000. When inquired, the three of us were staying in this room but each had to pay a rent of Rs 10,300 per day. As a total, we had to pay Rs 31,000 a day in rent. They say everyone must pay the full rent. ‘

‘Nurses convinced us that patients should buy PPE kits. There are 2 nurses. Buy two PPE kits daily. This sister cares for at least 10 people a day. Ten people have to buy a PPE kit. Even if you buy 20 kits for 2 nurses a day, it only costs 2 kits a day. Those in the canteen may be paying. In this case, too, the world is being ruined in the guise of Covid. The biggest problem is that paying Rs 30,000 a day as rent is not possible. Even if I sell my family, I will not be able to pay the bill, ”said Abraham Koshy.

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