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Thirty-year-old Indian woman rides a bicycle around 20 countries….

New Delhi: An Indian woman has cycled around 20 countries. Sameera Khan, a native of Andhra Pradesh, overcame all the challenges and set out to make her dream come true. Sameera, 30, has visited more than 20 countries so far. Sameera has cycled to Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

Sameera started her journey to achieve her goal amidst many difficulties. Sameera, who lost her mother at the age of nine, was brought up by her tailor father with great difficulty. Sameera had to go to work after 10th class. Another tragedy befell Sameera as she struggled to make ends meet. The death of her only dependent father. Although her father’s separation left Sameera mentally exhausted, the woman decided to fight again to achieve her dreams.

Today, Sameera travels across South and Southeast Asian countries. Sameera has traveled to Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Sameera’s travel expenses are being saved from her salary. The purpose of these trips is to show the world that girls can do anything. Sameera says she wants to show the community that girls have the ability to do everything without the support of their families.

Sameera’s new goal is to conquer the Himalayas. There is no special course for mountaineering.The aim is to climb the Himalayas via Tibet. Climbing through Tibet is the most difficult. Sameera says she needs to be convinced that she has done something beyond her ability and that is what she is working for.

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