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US warns China…

Washington: US President Job Biden has issued a stern warning to China. Addressing U.S. State Department staff, Biden said the United States would strongly oppose China’s actions, including the denial of human rights and economic abuse. Biden said the United States will face whatever challenge China poses.

The United States has previously stated that the primary priority is to ensure that China’s trade abuses that harm U.S. jobs and American workers are stopped as soon as possible. Many, including senators, have called for The Pentagon to prioritize the threat of communist China. Many had made this clear in their letters to the Secretary of Defense.

Relations between the United States and China deteriorated during the presidency of President Trump. The United States has taken a strong stance in favor of India, even as China has created problems on the border. “We look forward to strengthening the fight against climate change, epidemics and nuclear proliferation,” he said. The United States has expressed displeasure over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s crackdown on opposition protests. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said in a TV interview that the United States is planning tougher sanctions.

Biden said he would not hesitate to retaliate if democracy was not restored. The United States fears that the coup in Myanmar will strengthen China’s hands. The United States also doubts whether China is behind the coup. While the rest of the world strongly criticized the coup, China indirectly supported it. China’s new method is to reach out to its neighbors under the guise of helping them. This was seen in Nepal.

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