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The doctors, who examined a young man’s X-ray who experienced shortness of breath and chest pain, were shocked!!!

MASSACHUSETTS: Doctors were shocked seeing an X-ray of a young man who arrived at the hospital with shortness of breath and chest pain. Because an airpod was found hidden inside the chest. Brad Gothier, 38, swallowed an airpod in his sleep. The young man woke up and tried to drink a glass of water but found it difficult to get down his throat. Shortness of breath became severe.

Despite the difficulties, Brad went about his business as usual. Meanwhile, he noticed that his wireless airpod is missing. His family joked that he sometimes swallowed it when they learned that he had a sore throat and could not see the airpod. With this, Brad became suspicious.

Went to the hospital to clear the suspicion. The doctors confirmed this after taking the X-ray. The airpod, which went unnoticed during sleep, was fortunately confined to its chest, causing no serious problems. The airpod was removed through endoscopy.

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