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‘Inner call from the Almighty’; Pregnant woman killed son!!!

A woman murdered her 6-year-old son by cutting his throat apparently for pleasing the god, it has been stated in the FIR. Palakkad Poolakkad citizen Shahida, a Madrasa teacher, deliberately murdered her son Aamil. The event occurred on Sunday at 4 in the morning. Shahida woke her son from sleep and took him to the bathroom. She bound his limbs and then slit his throat.

After committing the murder, Shahida went to her neighbor’s house and informed about the killing of the Janamaithri police from their phone. It was only after this, her husband, who was asleep in the adjacent room, came to know about the mishap. Initially, the relatives and locals refused to believe the incident. The locals said that she was not superstitious, but is likely to have some mental illness. The police did not reinforce if the murder was committed as part of a sacrifice to God.

After accurate investigation, Shahida told police that she had an inner call from the Almighty to sacrifice her third son. Police have taken Shahida into custody. Shahida is three months pregnant and she was working as a Madrasa teacher till the lockdown was inflicted. Her husband Sulaiman is a Gulf returnee and is working as a driver. The couple has three children.

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