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“Life is dynamic but I am baffled by the U-turn” : Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched severe criticism against the people who were behind the ongoing protest by farmers. Prime Minister while speaking at Rajya Sabha has criticized the opposition parties and others who were protesting against the new farm laws.

“It is indisputable that this is the right time to make agriculture profitable and we should not waste this opportunity. We need to progress, we cannot allow the country to slide and we need to give the reforms a chance to see whether they are beneficial or not,” said PM.

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“The reforms have been deliberated upon for two decades. The discussion did not start after we took office and all have felt that the time has come to implement them. True, we can differ over the details and nobody can claim that the laws will be good for all time to come. Life is dynamic but I am baffled by the U-turn,” said Prime Minister.

“We are all familiar with buddhijivis (intellectuals) and (shramjivis) but now, a new category of andolanjivis has come to the fore who feed off protests. They jump into all sorts of protests, whether it is by lawyers or students or workers. Some times they can be spotted, while on other occasions, they stay in the background. They are like parasites who feed off protests,” PM added.


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