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Vaccination?No… It’s plot against Muslims; says Pakistan

This is not the first time that a country is hesitating to take vaccine. If is was the fear of adverse reactions or the  logistic barriers of transporting it for other countries,Pakistan has some other reason to hesitate the drive. It is more of security concerns than health reasons.

In 2011, the terror accused Osama Bin Laden was trapped and killed by American special forces through a fake vaccination drive. This is why people of Pakistan backs off from the inoculation drive, they say. They term the vaccination drive a plot against Muslims.

Pakistan began coronavirus inoculation drive earlier this month. Ina response, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said that the Pakistan Army has become the first foreign military to receive the COVID-19 vaccine aid from the Chinese military.  The vaccines delivered to the Pakistan Army are reportedly in addition to the five lakh doses provided by China to Pakistan.

However, the vaccine reluctance is a reminder of Pakistan’s failure to eradicate as similar apprehensions clouded the vaccination drive. And this situation can only be addressed through a proper awareness on drive.


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