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23-year-old girl with 25 different personalities; stops her from getting employed

It isn’t every time, everywhere the looks or wealth that determines someone’s future. But to have an appealing personality is a different thing. A person’s personality defines the way they are. There is no second thought in it.

Personality is the way someone thinks, talks, responds and perceives information. And anyone who has a good personality will get into a successful life. And even to get a job, personality is a measuring rod. But just think where you are unable to control who you are? Think of when you have to deal with more personalities in one single body. How would it be? Will such a person belong to any specific group?

23-year-old girl Bo Hooper from the UK is one such person. A person who has 25 different personalities in her body. Perhaps her condition is more bizarre than other cases of multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. And the saddest part is this strange condition prevents her from getting employed.

Hooper suffers from a dissociative identity disorder.Whenever she gets triggered by trauma, she switches to a new personality in no time. She has 25 alter egos, including that of a teenager named Tracey and a 5-year-old girl Layla and grown-up woman named Texas. Another shocking fact is that each of these personalities has a varied taste for food, clothing and their partners.



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