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Why so much love for teddies? Here you go

Alas!!! The much awaited Teddy Day is here. Any plans for gifting someone a teddy? But before that do you really know why teddies are so much special in this valentines’ week?  So let’s get to know the warmest Teddy day of this romantic week.

It is chocolate day before the Teddy day. Just like the chocolates, teddies never go out of trend right? Still so many people buy teddies and holds them tight when they go to bed. Teddies are super cute. They always remind us of warmth and softness. And to a few people, teddies are their buddies to talk out their hearts when they feel all alone. Tell then how can someone underestimate Teddies?

Teddies are the best on this valentines’ week too. Sure the pandemic ceased the world for a while but love united us. Love helped us heal and care for each other. Love made us survive the tough times. And there is no way that it shouldn’t be celebrated. This is the right time.

Coming to Teddies, they are embodiment of pure, heart-warming love and care. This day got its name from the US President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt. And Love as you know, is not just between humans. Teddy day came as to show how happily Roosevelt’s decision to not kill animal during one of his hunting trips, was welcomed. To honour him a New York-based candy store owner called Morris Michtom, made the first  teddy bear.

Feel like gifting a Teddy? Wait.

Now it’s about the colour you choose. Red teddy shows passion. The intensity of love you have for the person is what it signifies. Gift it to someone so special.  Pink teddy is to get your proposal accepted. Try giving the pink, but do not be dejected when rejected. Orange teddy is gifted means that your are soon going to be proposed. Blue teddy is to show how profoundly you love someone. It is to appreciate the bond. And the Green to express commitment.  If your response is”No matter what, I’ll wait”, gift the green.

Okay…Go get your Teddy…Gift it to your person. Have a happy Teddy Day Buddy

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