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”Are our farmers self-reliant?” Congress MP Kapil Sibal counters Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Sibal accuses government of crony capitalism

Congress MP Kapil Sibal counters Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s point of self-reliance. ”But are our farmers self-reliant, our Dalits self-reliant, our minority brothers and sisters self-reliant, our MSME sector self-reliant, our small businesses, traders self-reliant?” Sibal asked. He also accused the government of encouraging crony capitalism.

“Indulging in vote bank politics in the Budget and note bank politics off Budget” he said.  He said that though every time government speaks of atmanirbharta, here everything is owned by just a few “big boys”. Sibal slammed on Prime Minister too. PM had mentioned that 86 per cent of India’s farmers have holdings smaller than five acres. Sibal asked PM that if it’s the case then why are they protesting at the Delhi borders.

He compared the current growth rates with those of the previous government’s and said that it only shows the government have mismanaged this economy. “You have been in power from 2014. No more excuses. Congress was in power for sixty years; you have been there for six years. And, so, your report card will have to be looked into,” he told the treasury benches. He accused the government of “perpetuating a rigged economic system” and “establishing an oligarchic economic order”.

“There are four-five big boys in this country who own almost all assets in this country, and one very big boy is everywhere. I will not name anybody. He is everywhere, ports, airports, city gas distribution centres, railways – everywhere. I mean, I see his footprint everywhere” Sibal said in rage.

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