Chaos couldn’t stop him; Dog waits three days for caretakers in Tapovan dam

If love is given a chance to take a shape, no doubt that it will choose to be a dog. Dogs love unconditionally and the recent doggo love story comes from Chamoli district in Uttarakhand.  Two-year-old Bhutia breed dog ‘Blackie’ is the doggo about whom we are talking.

Tapovan dam was all destroyed by the worst flashflood. Rescue workers have been trying their best to save people and animals. Amidst al this mess, Blackie was spotted waiting outside the tunnel of the Tapovan dam. And he has been sitting for three days awaiting the return of the workers who fed him.

Blackie was born near where the NTCP’s hydel project site. He grew up with the workers around him. He comes in the morning, meet the men and goes back. Last sunday too he came. But found that things were not the same. His favourite people were not around. Everything was under mud and water. Later he found people working to rescue his friends trapped in the tunnel.

Rescue workers tried to shoo him away but Blackie came and checked often. Blackie was found anxious without seeing his friends. The local residents also noticed his presence. Blackie’s love and waiting for his caretakers have put them all in sorrow. Everyone hopes that his friends will be saved soon and the doggo will finally be happy again.

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