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Foreign scientists ready to learn how India escaped from Covid….

Although the spread of the disease in India was very low at the beginning of the Corona outbreak, the outbreak was at its peak later. Until then, India had surpassed all the countries that had been at the forefront of Covid outbreaks and was ahead in terms of the number of Covid patients. At one point, there was a feeling that India would overtake the United States.

But now, the spread of the disease in India is coming down dramatically for the scientific community itself. Although the government points to schemes such as the Mask Concept and social distance implementation implemented by the government, the foreign scientific community is not ready to believe that it is the only reason. Many scientists believe that all the major cities in India may have acquired immunity or hereditary immunity.

Experts in the Western world point to another reason. India has more youth than Westerners. The average age in India is 30. Moreover, the number of overweight people in India is very low. Aging and obesity are the two most conducive conditions for covid disease and death. They say that the spread in India has decreased due to the reduction of both.

At the same time, it is noteworthy that people do not come to hospitals in droves to seek treatment for Covid, as has been seen in the West. Therefore, another group of scientists say that the spread of the disease cannot be said to be a complete statistical error. In any case, the decline in the spread of Covid in India has not only attracted world attention but is now the subject of study in the scientific world.

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