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NASA’s perseverance mars rover ready for the complex landing

The US space agency NASA’s Mars mission Perseverance is all set to land on Mars on Thursday. The rover arrives on Mars after a six-and-a-half-month journey. The spacecraft will land in the Jezero crater on Mars. The Jezero Gorge is an area of ??slopes, sand dunes, and rock formations. So landing here is a complicated process. If it landed successfully, the confirmation will arrive in seven minutes. Researchers call this time seven minutes of terror.

The spacecraft will launch into the atmosphere of Mars at a high speed of 19500 km/h. During this time it heats up to 1300 degrees Celsius. The parachute will fly at a fixed distance. About 20 seconds after the parachute comes out, the bottom of the spacecraft detaches. The rover will then find a safe landing area using Terrain Relative Navigation technology. Once it is detected, the rover detaches from the parachute and flies at a speed of 2.7 km/h with the help of retro rockets. And land on the surface quickly. The rover lands according to the instructions given in advance.  According to the plan, the spacecraft will stay on Mars for 687 days.


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