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Paternity leave should be normalised, all duties are shared equally between both parents; says Sameera Reddy

Actress Sameera Reddy emphasises the importance of equal parenting in raising kids. She talks on normalising the paternity leaves. “When it comes to equal parenting, there are no set mother-father rules or duties. Diapering, feeding, storytelling, bath time, nap time, playtime, all are shared equally between both parents and in turn positively contribute towards a healthy, happy baby. So yes, I believe there is so much power in equal parenting and it definitely is rewarding. This is why I stand with #ItTakes2 campaign and urge more parents out there to take a positive step for their little ones and be equal partners in parenting,” says Sameera.

Sameera have taken an off from full-time acting to focus on her kids. She says that children are better off when they have both parents near especially when they are young. Sameera, a doting mother often shares adorable pictures with her kids and husband on social media. Sameera says that men do deserve paid leave after the birth of a child. This will also help in father-baby bonding, she said.

When asked if they’re working on gender equality since they had children, Sameera says, “This actually happened naturally as we both share common beliefs when it comes to working as equals. Akshai and I have always been equal partners from day one and we believe that equal parenting really has a positive impact on the child. I think as parents, you need to lead and set an example by doing. If you want to teach your kids to be respectful, responsible, share, be a team player. You need to build an environment at home where these values thrive through your actions as parents.”

Sameera further added that equal parenting influences children. She says that this will mold them into independent man and woman who can do their duties themselves without stereotyping things.

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