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“India’s most intelligent people follow Modi”; The significance of E. Sreedharan, “the Metro-ma…

E Machimanda Appaya Devi emphasizes the importance of E. Sreedharan joining the BJP. Machimanda felicitates Sreedharan on his new decision by bestowing his bond and experiences on Facebook. The post he shared went viral on social media. Post as follows:


Many years ago, I spent a day with E Sreedharan to report on the Konkan Railway project. We traveled north from Mangalore, and what I saw was amazing. The railway was a massive undertaking, the biggest ever since the British fled India.

Anyone who has traveled the railway will be aware of the engineering complexities involved in the miles and miles of tunnels and the hundreds of bridges across some of India’s most challenging rivers. Sreedharan, who headed the project, was a genius engineer and masterful implementer, yet humble to the core. He was such a pleasure to talk to, not a dull moment. At that time, not many people had heard of him then, but I remember telling my editor that he was a man to watch. Sure enough, a couple of decades later, he became a household name as the “Metro Man”, the man who helmed the Delhi Metro and several other metros after that.

To me, his joining politics is surprising, he never came across as the type. But it’s not unwelcome. We need more people like him in the field. He is not a political heavyweight and I doubt his joining BJP will get the party any more votes In Kerala. So that should not worry the opposition. What should worry the opposition, however, is the fact that he chose to join the BJP. Why? Because it shows that even the smartest and most intelligent people in India see Modi as the only leader worth following. And that’s the significance of Sreedharan joining the BJP.



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