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‘Nobody attacked for having an opinion’ says Actor Siddharth; shares his 2009 video

Since he came into industry, Actor Siddharth has been a vocal critic of government and an active political observer. He has shared a video of him from 2009 speaking at a business school. He shared the video with a brief description that nobody attacked him “for having an opinion” back then. And he further added that the country “has changed”.

The 41-year-old actor has been tweeting frequently against the ‘toolkit’ controversy. He said that the country is being brainwashed and gaslit by a new normal kind of evil. “I wonder why I never got a single complaint or threat then about the tone and nature of my speech? Nobody attacked me for having an opinion… For asking questions. India has changed. It changed in front of our eyes. Question is… what are we going to do about it?” he tweeted along with his old video.

He shot to fame with the hit “Rang De Basanti.” The video he shared was from the Indian School of Business in 2009 which dealt with the state of affairs of the country. Back then, he sharply criticised the role of media in a democracy and how helpless a common man is.

He also talked about how even being a celebrity, he was not heard by the then chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.  “If a celebrity who wants to do something for the state of Andhra Pradesh cannot do anything, what does a common man stand chance of doing?” he asked.

He slammed the organiser who called him for the event at ISB in 2009 for a tweet of hers calling him “a school dropout may be.” Siddharth responded : “Back then too I was a post graduate and I spoke my mind.” Siddharth received huge support from many on Twitter and they praised him for speaking up with courage.


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