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Rare face blindness; 33-year-old Lauren fails to recognise herself in snaps

We all often forget the names and faces of people whom we have met a long time before. That’s quiet natural too. But think of a situation where you fail to recognise yourself, how pathetic it would be!!!! Meet Lauren Nicole-Jones who goes through a similar state.

Lauren suffers from a rare condition that makes her forget the faces of her own family members, friends and herself in photo albums. The condition is termed as rare face blindness or prosopagnosia. It is a rare cognitive disorder of face perception in which the ability to recognise familiar faces, including one’s own face, is impaired. Everything else remains the same.

Lauren recognises herself in her wedding photos by looking closely at the white gown she wore on the day. If it wasn’t the gown, she would definitely struggle to recognise the bride which is she herself. Her conditions vary from normal to severe.

At times she fails to recognise her best friends, well-known celebrities and fails to realise she is looking at her own reflection in mirror. “I can’t always see myself in photographs which can be embarrassing. If someone shows me a picture and the person had dark hair and is about my height I think ‘why am I being shown this photo, it must be me,’” Lauren said.

Lauren at on point even failed to recognise a woman who has been her best friend since the age of 12. This friend was her bridesmaid at her wedding just a month before the incident. And the saddest part is that there is no cure for face blindness.

So Lauren herself is trying to remember people on their habits, mannerisms, and their voice. “I try to deal with it with humour and there have been some very hilarious things happen, like spending 40 minutes talking to the wrong person on a video call or mistaking an ex-boyfriend for someone else,” she said.


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