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Bizarre incident; Man steals camel as birthday gift for girlfriend, arrested

You will think of buying out-of-the-box gifts when you are planning to give it to your special ones. No matter how expensive it is, but stealing something and giving it as gift is a bad idea. That’s exactly what a man from Dubai have done and he is arrested for the same. He decided to gift his girlfriend a camel.. Not just a camel, but a camel that he stole.

He allegedly stole a highly valuable newborn camel as a gift for his girlfriend and ended up getting arrested by Emirati police. The theft was reported by the owners of the baby camel earlier this month. This prompted the Dubai police to carry out a search on the area. The search was in vain but a few days later, an Emirati man informed the authorities that a stray camel had wandered onto his farm.

When the man was interrogated by Dubai Police, he confessed all that happened. He said that he trespassed his neighbour’s farm while looking to steal a rare breed of camel. He then settled for a newborn after failing to find an adult camel. The police returned the camel to its owners. They arrested the man and his girlfriend on charges of theft.

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