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”Not just roads, but safety is important” Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel on Love Jihad law

Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said the government will bring a legislation to check “love jihad” required for the safety of Hindu girls and women.

“Of what use are good roads, hospitals and schools if our religion and country are not safe? We may build schools, colleges to educate our girls, give fee waivers, but if our girls cannot go to medical colleges freely and safely, then there is no use of such hostels and colleges. Security is necessary, which was ensured only after the BJP government came, and strengthened it day after day… Now we are thinking… they mislead and take our daughters… those people of other religions, they keep Hindu names, appear like Hindus, have no food to eat at home but roam around on motorbikes, and big cars which people like you would have given for repairs… someone else would have paid for the petrol… and try to impress our daughters. If unfortunately our daughters fall in their trap and change their religion and marry them… to put curbs on such people our Bharatiya Janata Party government is seriously planning to bring a law on love jihad in the coming Vidhan Sabha session. So I say not just Narmada waters, not just roads, but safety (is important)” he said while campaigning for the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation elections.

Patel further said that earlier the Hindus had no power or unity, and hence “we couldn’t do anything”. “The blood of the party is from the time of Jawaharlal Nehru” he said slamming the Congress. Patel said people of Gujarat had not forgotten “what it was like to live in Congress rule”. “Back then I was a businessman and often had to travel from Kadi town in Mehsana to areas such as Kalupur, Jamalpur, Dariapur and Relief Road in Ahmedabad. I had to confirm from my colleague businessmen in Ahmedabad if it was safe to travel there. They used to tell me a curfew was on in the city. I remember boarding a bus from Mehsana to Ahmedabad and how it would be stopped at Adalaj area in Gandhinagar by the police as there was a curfew in the city. Even farmers who wanted to sell their produce couldn’t travel to Jamalpur area… Thanks to the BJP government which came in power in 1995, the misery of Ahmedabad ended.” He sharply condemned Congress by saying that they were only motivated by vote bank politics.

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