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Know why we have World Day of Social Justice; history, theme and importance

The World Day of Social Justice is for the advantages and issues that are dealt by Social Justice. This includes a wide range of aspects like fighting poverty, unemployment, upholding human rights and promoting Gender Equality. The day is specially for reminding of equal opportunities to be given to all. It focuses on those deprived of basic rights and discriminated against on various accounts.

February 20 was declared as the World Day of Social Justice by the UN General Assembly on November 26, 2007. Of all times, perhaps the day is more relevant in these days. With the arrival of pandemic, the world was divided into two halves. On one hand were those able to avail of the services, on the other hand were a majority that did not have enough resources to get the services they desperately needed. Here comes the significance of social justice.

This year’s theme is “A call for social justice in the Digital Economy.” People all over the globe are dependent on internet for their day to day activities. This include entertainment, education, financial transactions, communication and even working. But there is another group of people who are not fortunate enough to access the internet. This is what we term as ‘Digital Divide’. With this theme, the United Nations is aiming to bring about more equality in this realm.

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