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‘Silver Sparrow’ malware infects tens of thousands of Apple Mac computers

Researchers also say that it is necessary to take any precautionary measures against the virus, which has already infected 29,139 Mac computers. The malware was infected to the Mac computers that were running Intel x86-64 processors and Apple’s M1 processors. However, researchers have not yet been able to determine the purpose of the malware or whether it is still active. Red Canary, a cybersecurity firm, says it has detected two versions of the malware, named Silver Sparrow.

The malware has affected Mac OS devices in 153 countries. Malware bites are most common in the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany. It also has the ability to self-destruct evidence of the presence in attacked files. Apple has begun taking steps to prevent further malware. Silver Sparrow is the second malware to be found to run on Apple’s M1 chip. Last week, Go Search 22 discovered adware that affects the Safari browser.

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