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Red planet exploration; Perseverance Rover shares first audio and video

Alas!!!! The most awaited news is here…. NASA has released the first audio and video recording from the Perseverance Rover that landed on Mars.

The space agency’s six-wheeled robot device completed its groundbreaking 470,000,000 km voyage from Earth that started seven months ago. Captured by the rover, the recording is of a faint crackling of a gust of wind.  The space agency also released a full video of the rover landing on Mars.

A microphone was found malfunctioned during the rover’s descent. However it was able to record audio after landing on Mars. The recording has a duration of 6-second and it is now been widely shared on social media. The 25- seconds, high-definition video clip, depicted  the deployment of a parachute and the heat shield dropping away. The video also showed the rover’s landing on a cloud of dust in the Jezero Crater.

The recordings are referred to as ‘seven minutes of terror’ because radio signals take very long to reach earth. “What you hear there 10 seconds in is an actual wind gust on the surface of Mars picked up by the microphone and sent back to us here on Earth,” said Dave Gruel, lead engineer for the camera and microphone system on Perseverance.

“Perseverance will be searching for life signs on the Red Planet” NASA said. It also stated that the rover will also collect rock core samples in metal tubes.


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