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Keep an eye, bid a bye; check on signs and get rid off high blood sugar

We all have some amount of sugar in our blood and that’s normal. Once the level crosses a certain limit, then it’s high time to keep track of your health. The excess sugar level in blood will result in hyperglycemia and other health problems.

To be more precise, high blood sugar can damage kidney, liver, brain and other organs. If you think you have sugar, better consult a doctor and start medication. But mere medication won’t help you in this regard. Keeping a healthy diet, doing regular exercise and improving lifestyle will help you tackle diabetes.

Many people say that they were unable to diagnose the sugar in its initial stage. If identified earlier, diabetes can be controlled to a great extent. Here are some signs and symptoms before it’s too late.

Sudden weight loss- This is a common symptom where you will start losing weight unexpectedly. Why weight loss? This is because, the body is not able to use the glucose effectively to produce energy. So if you see yourself losing weight without trying, be careful.

Loss of vision- High sugar levels can lead to poor vision. It worsens your eye health and may increase the risk of loss of sight.

Frequent urination- When your blood sugar is high, your kidneys fail to filter it properly. This may lead to the sugar accumulation in urine. This is why people with diabetes urinate frequently. It can also cause yeast and bacterial infections.

Skin discolouration- Skin pigmentation can be a sign too. This happens due to insulin resistance. Dark skin around the neck, joint areas and legs are a sign of high blood sugar.

Excess fatigue- Feeling exhausted too quick or more than ever can be a symptom of high blood sugar. Diabetics often makes one feel dehydrated and tired without even exerting too much.


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