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The genetically modified new corona is spreading uncontrollably in the United States….

New York: New research shows that genetically modified new corona virus is spreading in New York. The report said that the virus, which is spreading rapidly and deadly in South Africa, has been found in New York City. The virus, which is genetically modified to A1.526, was first discovered in New York in November. By mid-February, it had increased by 12%, according to doctors at Columbia University.

The same study was published by the California Institute of Technology. Found in California, b 1.427 / b. 1. The 429 variant now puts the scientific world at the forefront. Moreover, it has the ability to migrate as fast as the Kent-South African-Brazil varieties. The scariest thing about all of this is that an infected person is 11 times more likely to die than any other species. This type of virus is currently the most prevalent virus in California. By the end of March, 90 percent of Covid patients in California will have the virus.

This species is 19 to 24 times more contagious than other corona viruses and can reproduce rapidly once it enters the human body. As the new species became more widespread in California, the number of patients began to double every nine days. Moreover, there was an increase in the daily mortality rate. More than 3,000 deaths were reported in the United States yesterday.

For the first time in the last 10 days, the daily death toll has crossed 3,000. This is not just the case in the United States, where reports indicate that after a short period of time, the spread of the disease has generally begun to intensify in all parts of the world. Given their proliferative potential, scientists say it will not take long for them to spread around the world. If that happens, there are warnings that the world could be in a state of turmoil, as it was in March-April.

Doctors say the current vaccine is effective in inactivating viruses and fighting deadly diseases. But efforts are underway to find a booster shotgun to fight such viruses, the report said

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