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Tom Holland tweets against PM Modi; Indians bark up the wrong tree

This is not the first time that Indian Twitter users are coming up with ‘Boycott’ hashtags. But what if the boycotted person gets mixed-up? This time, the Indian Twitter users are boycotting the Spiderman star Tom Holland for his remarks against PM Modi. Really? Wait a second before you carry along the hashtag. What happened is that many of them confused Holland with the British author and cricketer of the same name.

Meanwhile, Holland was referring to the Motera stadium in Ahmedabad. Earlier called Sardar Patel Stadium, it was renamed after the Prime Minister. The British writer followed up his first tweet with another one. His Twitter profile reads: “New history of Christianity – ‘Dominion’ – out now! Dinosaur lover. Stonehenge Tunnel hater. A ‘leading English cricketer’ – The Times. Podcast: @theresthistory”

Here the twist began. The fans of PM Modi missed reading the profile. They mistook him for the actor who plays the web-crawling superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And then began #BoycottSpiderman trending on the micro-blogging website. Meanwhile the actor hasn’t yet reacted either to the Motera or the mix-up.

Funniest part is that Indian Twitter users are repeatedly doing the same mistake. In 2017, many Indians were angry with Snapchat. They were seen landing on homegrown e-commerce website Snapdeal’s page on Google Play Store inadvertently to downgrade its ratings. So better check before you boycott.


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