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Bizarre wedding: 35-year-old woman spends Rs 1 lakh to marry herself

Meg Tyler, an American woman, was waiting to marry her boyfriend and lead a married life. But unfortunately, Meg’s love affair broke down in June last year. But Meg was not ready to give up her desire to dress up as a bride. She found a bizarre way to do that. She decided to marry herself without the groom. Meg, 35, says she first thought about what others would think when she came up with the idea.

Friends and relatives came to the scene with protests. But with the conviction that her life was not meant to convince others, she was determined to move forward. Later, she began the preparations for the wedding. Meg bought and kept a diamond ring and the bride’s dress and cake. Meg’s wedding was in Colorado in the presence of close relatives and friends. Meg entered the stage ready as a bride.  The ceremony began with the reading of a self-written marriage contract. She wore the ring on her finger. Later she kissed her own reflection in the mirror and announced that she was married.

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