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Ring in mouth and Love in the air; the skydiving proposal goes viral

What makes love memorable? Obviously the proposing part has a key role in making love unforgettable. People come up with crazy ideas to make their proposal the best. And here is a man who took his love upto the sky.

Ray is an adventure sports enthusiast and pilot. He never settled for ground. He popped the question to his girlfriend Katie thousands of feet above the ground while skydiving. He has also shared the video of his proposal on Instagram. The video has gone viral in no time.

In the video, Ray can be seen skydiving with Katie. As they plan to land, Ray looks into the camera and shows that he has a ring in between his teeth. Then the parachute flutters open. He goes on to express his love to Katie after taking the ring out of his mouth. HeĀ  pops up the question and show her the ring. Meanwhile he never forgot to film her surprised reaction. The skydiving proposal ended with Ray saying, “She said YESSS!”

The video has received more than 3,200 likes. Some congratulated the couple while a few commented that they were worried that Ray would drop the ring.


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