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An entire island to win her back; a hotspot for couples

Taj Mahal of India is known for the love Emperor Shah Jahan had for his beloved partner Mumthas. To the date, it remains as a symbol of love. There are people who go to extreme lengths to sacrifice for their love. There are people who will do anything in remembrance of their love. There are a few who will go to any limit to bring back their love and that’s really rare.

Xu from China has done something as extraordinary to bid back his lover. What he did will raise your brows up and grab your eyeballs. Xu built an entire island for his ex-girlfriend to bring her back. Xu completed the island with his savings. The gesture turned out to be a big hit but the beautiful island couldn’t bring her back to him.

What Xu made for himself has now become a lovers’ corner for many couples. The island is often used as a spot for photoshoots because of its scenic beauty. The island is located in Hetou village in Yengde city.

The builders built an arch bridge and adorned the entire island with beautiful colours and flowers. The island covers an area of just 20-30 square meters and is covered with pink grass, cherry trees, peach trees, and other symbols of love.


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