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Ship in the air!!! man amazed…know more about the rare ‘Fata morgana mirage’

Colin McCallum from Scotland was stunned to see a ship seemingly floating in the air.  What he saw is a red vessel on the horizon as he travelled through Banff, Aberdeenshire.

He at once took the photo of the vessel as he was unable to believe his eyes. He shared it in his Facebook. All the comments were same as how he felt seeing the ship. The ship appears to be floating a few inches above the surface of water. This befell due to the similar colouring of the sea and the sky above it. The ship seemed to be sitting in the clouds.

“Saw a real life optical illusion in Banff today,” the 23-year-old wrote while sharing the photograph on Facebook. The picture went viral in no time and gathered about 2,000 ‘shares’ along with a ton of amazed comments.

“I genuinely can’t understand what is going on here,” wrote one Facebook user. “That’s brilliant,” another said.

So that was all about optical illusion and it took a few minutes for the man to understand the phenomenon. He can’t be blamed because it’s a rare sight. The phenomenon is known as a fata morgana mirage. This is an incredibly complex mirage caused by atmospheric refraction. It occurs because rays of light are bent when they pass through air layers of different temperatures.

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