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Priest commits 3 robberies with a toy gun. Know what happened later

Elizeu Moreira, a Catholic priest from Brazil, allegedly tortured a supermarket cashier with a toy gun and ran away with the money. These went viral on social media as the scenes were all filmed on the institution’s CCTV. In the 28-second video, Elizeu Moreira is seen approaching the cashier after collecting various items from the supermarket. As the woman was billing, Elizeu Moreira was seen pulling out a toy pistol and pointing it at the woman.

The frightened woman is immediately seen paying the full amount out of the cash box. The priest who took the money left the supermarket with the items he had collected. The most notable thing is that just days before he turned 18 months old as a priest, Elizeu Moreira set out to rob the supermarket.  Elizeu Moreira was apprehended at a nearby police checkpoint as he drove off with a vehicle.

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