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‘This is science’; MP minister urges to practice ‘Havan’ to sanitise house

Madhya Pradesh Culture Minister Usha Thakur urges on the need for adopting Vedic lifestyle for fighting the coronavirus. She claimed that the ‘havan’ (ritual burning) of a cow dung cake can keep a house sanitised for nearly 12 hours.

“In order to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, Vedic lifestyle has its own role to play along with allopathy. The pandemic has sent out a message that we have to return to the Vedic lifestyle,” Thakur said. “Mix ghee (clarified butter) made out of cow milk with rice. If you add this mixture on a cow dung cake during havans at the time of sunrise and sunset, then your place would remain sanitised for 12 hours” she said.

She was speaking during a function at the Indore Press Club. She further said that her advice may appear absurd to some people. But she emphasised people this tip to keep houses sanitised. She said that the idea is not imaginary instead it is pure science.

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