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Type A blood at higher risk of coronavirus infection; research report

Various factors have been associated with a higher or lower risk of the deadly viral infection. For instance, obesity, smoking and co-morbidities are a few factors that lead to a higher risk of transmission. Ironically, as compared to adults, children have been found to be at a lower risk of COVID-19 infection and complications.

However, these are all factors that one can control. But as per the new research report, there is a factor that no one can control and can determine your risk of COVID-19 infection. If it was said that people with type O blood  to be at lower risk of COVID-19 infection, researchers have now found that those with type A blood group can have a higher risk of coronavirus infection.

The reason they say is that a particular protein in the virus,  the receptor-binding domain, or RBD is attracted to respiratory cells in the lungs among people with type A blood. The report came as to improve treatment methods to curb the spread of virus,

“It is interesting that the viral RBD only really prefers the type of blood group A antigens that are on respiratory cells, which are presumably how the virus is entering most patients and infecting them,” says Dr Sean Stowell, an associate professor of pathology, in a statement. He also added that the blood type is a challenge because it is inherited and not something we can change. But it will be good if medicines are made understanding how the virus interacts with blood groups in people.


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