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An alert for women on intermittent fasting, check here to know more about the cons

Intermittent fasting is a diet routine that cycles between brief periods of fasting, with either no food or significant calorie decrease and periods of unrestricted eating. It highly varies from other diets which demand the avoidance of carbs and/or fats. The great element in it is that we can consume everything in a specified period. But, you should note that most diet styles work differently in men and women.

What happens for a woman while following intermittent fasting? An Instagram post by Diabetes educator Rashi Chowdhary describes how fasting for women “is tricky” because compelling herself “into doing it every single day can ruin her hormones and mess your relation with food and herself”.

Read more: An alert for women on intermittent fasting, check here to know more about the cons


You should give at least two days of rest for your body in a week if you are starving for the majority of the days. “Ease your body into cyclic fasting, which means fasting for five days and skipping two days or gradually increasing your fasting time from 12 hours and up,” Chowdhary says.

There may be some days when you are wanting to follow but your body does not support it, please make sure you have breakfast. Also, you shouldn’t only choose carb-loaded cereals, but alternatively, opt for something lighter like avocados and eggs.

Chowdhary suggests following a “stress+ recovery cycle while fasting, so that you can give your body enough time to recover and you are not in a constant flight or fight mode”. This is primarily important for pre-menopausal women who do not follow this cycle, their sleep routine will be obstructed along with other thyroid and sex hormones.

Always keep in mind that all body types do not encourage intermittent fasting. “Give your body enough time to cope with the stress of fasting and only do intermittent fasting every single day, if you feel your body is up to it.”


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