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‘Farmers ready to continue protests till Modi government lasts’: Narendra Tikait

Leader of protesting farmers, Narendra Tikait claimed that the farmers are ready to continue their protests till the end date of Modi government. He also said that the union government can never defeat the protests.

He also refuted the allegations that he and his family had received money to organize the protests. He also said that he and his family would leave the protest if any wrongdoing is proved against a single family member. Narendra Tikait rejected allegations of making money from the agitation.

“This government has a misconception, probably because it never faced such kind of protest, but we have seen agitations and been part of those for 35 years. This government only has an experience of facing smaller protests and of getting those culled through various tactics,” Tikait said. “They cannot crush this protest by any means. This will continue for as long as our demands are not met. This government has a tenure of three and a half years left, and we can continue the movement till the end of its term,” he added.

Narendra Tikait does not hold any official position in the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), formed by his father, Mahendra Singh Tikait, in 1986. His eldest brother, Naresh Tikait is the BKU president, while Rakesh Tikait holds the position of national spokesperson of the organisation.






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