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Over 80% People in the UAE & Saudi Arabia are buying one-way tickets due to uncertainty

According to a new survey, 8 out of 10 people in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are purchasing one-way tickets because of the uncertainty circling their travel plans amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Amit Taneja, a chief commercial officer of Cleartrip, said 81%of people bought one-way tickets between September 2020 to January 2021 as related to 63 percent during the same period IN 2019-2020.“People are not certain that they will come back in time. People are going to emergencies but they are not sure how many days they require in their home countries. Also, they think that they could get Covid-19 positive, hence, they will have to extend the leave. All these reasons are prompting UAE and Saudi ex-pats to buy one-way tickets,” Amit said at the commencement of the survey on Tuesday.

Approximately 19% of UAE residents purchased return air tickets during September 2020 to January 2021 period as against 37 percent during this period last year. The survey comprised 5,678 people, of which 42 percent were Indians, 22 percent were Filipinos, and nine percent were Pakistanis and other nationalities. About 72 percent of people in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are prepared to travel with friends and families in the next six months while 16 percent of residents are only ready for traveling once they get vaccinated, says the survey.

Around 35 percent of people said that simple quarantine laws and attainability would be the most desired-after combination when choosing a destination. Around 42 percent of participants stated that the term of their next trip would be five days or less, while 38 percent of people will pick for a duration of six to 11 days.“While it is encouraging that travelers are eager to travel again, it is the responsibility of the industry to build confidence and enable customers to make the right travel decisions with accurate real-time information on safety and travel requirements,” said Stuart Crighton, founder, and CEO of Cleartrip. For UAE residents, Singapore, Maldives, Georgia, Turkey, and India are the best attractive destinations to tour.

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Around 46% of people favor beach holidays, 28 percent will go for adventure holidays, 17 percent desire city holidays and nine percent are checking for theme parks. Before reserving their destination, 60 percent of people will have sanitation and security as their priority, while 20 per will hold quarantine rules accuracy and 15 percent will take affordability into their consideration.


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