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“Real aircrafts in every backyard”; The residential airpark is so amazing!!!

Parking bikes and cars in homes are a common view. But have you ever heard of houses where cars, bikes, and even a plane are parked in the yard of every house? Not a toy aircraft, but a real plane. It is all about residential airports in the United States. A TikTok user recently posted a video of a residential airpark on social media. An airplane can be seen parked in every backyard in the area.

These residential airports date back to World War II. The United States was a crucial force in World War II. In 1939, there were 34,000 pilots in the United States. But by 1946 it had increased to 400,000. By the end of World War II, many airfields had become unusable and pilots had lost their jobs. To rehabilitate them, the US Civil Aeronautics Administration introduced the construction of residential airparks. It was determined to house the retired military pilots on the closed military airstrips. Such settlements are called ‘fly-in communities’. Every house here has a plane in the yard like a car.


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Another feature is that the roads in such colonies are very wide. It is large enough for a plane and a car to pass through without colliding with each other. There are reportedly more than 630 residential airparks in the world. More than 610 of them are in the United States. The first airpark was the Sierra Sky Park in Fresno, California, founded in 1946. California-based Cameroon Park Airport is one of these residential airparks. Discussions about fly-in communities were revived through a viral video posted by a Tik-Tok user.

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