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Wanna see the best version of rainbow? Come, let’s go to Manoa

Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red….Yeah, it’s a rainbow!! No matter how old we get, we are always excited to see rainbow that comes after a fine rain in the afternoons. But have you ever thought of the best rainbow? If not, let’s witness it here from Manoa…

Scientists have come up with the research that rainbows look different from different places and Manoa in Hawaii is the best location to witness a perfect rainbow. “The cultural importance of rainbows is reflected in the Hawaiian language, which has many words and phrases to describe the variety of manifestations in Hawai,” said Steven Businger, a professor in the UH Manoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology.

Rainbow in Hawaii is not just a spectacular treat, rather it is so much into Hawaiin culture that there are certain words in Hawaiian language for rainbows like earth-clinging (uakoko) or moonbows (anuenue kau po).

We have learned in small classes that rainbows take shape under particular environmental conditions. The sun must be within about 40 degrees of the horizon. Higher rises the sun, lower goes the rainbow. The direction becomes another important factor as the sun will be slanted in the east during the morning, while the same condition will be favourable in the west during the afternoon.

When it comes to Hawaii, the place is located in the subtropical Pacific. The weather here is dominated by trade winds and frequent rain showers, much lighter and brighter with the sun almost always in sight. Hawaiian mountains plays key role as well. What they do is, force up the trade winds which then form clouds and ultimately rainfall. All these make the rainbows in Manoa the best.

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