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Breaking the taboo; India’s first legal sex toy store opens in Goa

Sex, menstruation, Sex toys…. here in India a lot of people including many of us who are reading this story, will raise their brows on hearing these words. Aren’t these terms more humane than the politics we talk out loud? Isn’t it hightime to openly discuss ‘such’ things? Then why are we hesitant? What makes those words obscene? Obviously the perceptions and portrayals. It’s time to think and talk it out folks. As a major step to break this taboo, here comes a Sex toy store in Goa, a bold action indeed!

India’s first-ever legal sex shop is in Goa’s Calangute. Named ‘Kama Gizmos’ the store offers a wide range of sex toys and wellness products. It is also the country’s first official brick-and-mortar sex shop that was launched on February 14.

The store was created after two competing sex product retailers, Kamakart and Gizomoswala came together for a partnership. And there is no doubt that in a country where talking out sex is considered a sin, the business will surely grow quick. Meanwhile it is ironical to learn that the sale of sex toys in India during the lockdown phase in 2020 saw a 65% rise.

Another thing to be noted is that the store has a smooth and departmental store feeling with no neon signs or dimly-lit dungeons. The store as it aims presents no nudity or obscenity of any sort to its customers and looks more like a medical store. This will also help customers to come out of their ‘cocoons’.

The store sells a variety of sex toys and products such as viagra-like sprays, novelty condoms, gels, vibrators, pumps to harness, and more. Added advantage is that customer is allowed to physically check out the products before buying them.“We have purposely not made it flashy or like a dark underground dungeon, which is how most shops like this abroad are. The related law is in the grey space, but essentially, you can sell any [sex] product as long as it is not obscene. We purposely chose toys and products with packaging that did not have nudity or show women in a demeaning manner, so it does not violate any obscenity laws” said Nirav Mehta, the co-founder of Kama Gizmos.

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