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Assembly polls 2021: ‘BJP will make the government in the state on May 2’: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Senior BJP leader and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan claimed that BJP will make government in West Bengal on May 2. The BJP leader said this while addressing a party rally in Midnapore ahead of Bengal polls.

“Another meaning of TMC is Terror, Murder, Corruption. I’m warning TMC goons that when Didi leaves on May 2, they will be taught a lesson and none will be spared. BJP won’t let this jungle raj continue” said Chouhan.

“Mamata Banerjee used to talk about Maa (mother), Maati (Earth) and Maanush (human). But, you humiliated the mother with your deeds and you are not even ashamed of it. You have killed people and painted the soil with blood. We assumed that ‘Didi’ means the ideal of motherhood, but Mamata Banerjee has become ruthless”, he added.

‘D’ of Didi means Dictator, which she is. ‘I’ is being Insensitive towards people, ‘D’ means Deed of spreading fear & ‘I’ means an Incompetent CM. In 1906, the British divided West Bengal and now you’ve divided Sonar Bangla into Hindus and Muslims”, said Chouhan.


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