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Lahore-based barber uses broken glass, hammer and butcher’s knife to style hair. Video goes viral

Most people try different types of hairstyles. There are those who bring variety in the nature and color of the hair. But a video of a different hair styling is going viral on social media now. What sets him different is the tools he uses to style his hair.

Barber Ali Abbas from Pakistan does hairstyles with extremely different tools. He layered his client’s hair using broken glass. Also, he uses hammers and firecrackers for styling hair. “Every day, I try to come up with new ways to cut hair. When I used a hammer or knife, it was a kind of experiment for me and I trained for a year to ace it,” he told a local media channel.  “We can give the same look using scissors however, with glass we have come up with a different and unique way to do it,” he added.


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