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WhatsApp tricks: Know how to view the status of others without being on the viewer’s list

Today we came to know of other’s things by viewing their WhatsApp statuses. Do you ever wish to view a WhatsApp contact’s status without letting them know that you actually have seen their status before it disappeared? However, unlike on Instagram or Snapchat, or any other apps with the “Stories” feature, WhatsApp does give you a hidden feature to view a Status update on the app secretively. Know how to do it:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Step 2: Then open Settings

Step 3: Tap on Account

Step 6: Turn off ‘Read receipt’.

Step 7: The status quo is no longer going to know the statuses you see. And you can not see contacts who have seen your status.

Step 8:  This is also the way to turn off the blue tick.

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