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“Free beer” ; Couple comes up with a unique concept to meet their new neighbors

Dwelling in a new place can be a little difficult. Finding a home and arranging all the furniture there is not a big deal. But getting to know the neighbors is a custom. Some will go straight and get to know the neighbors. But the wide majority of people see a blemish in this. Amanda and Thomas Evans are one of them.

Amanda and Thomas move into their new home in Cape Coral, Florida. The arrival and lock-down of the coronavirus appear at a time when people are gaping how to get to know their neighbors. They were compelled to stay at home for months. When the lockdown restrictions eventually came to an end, the two wondered how to get to know the neighbors.

Finally, they decided to make biscuits and call the neighbors but later realized that was not enough. Amanda and Thomas, who were not ready to give up, finally wrote the poster that we had prepared the beer for free. A poster was fixed in front of the house. “Hi, we are new people here. We want to see and get to know our beautiful neighbors. We’re waiting for you with lots of drinks on our car-porch.”

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The response was beyond expectation. Not only did the neighbors arrive as a crowd, but the beer bottles that were supposed to be given were emptied in a short time. The couple finally brought more beer. Amanda and Thomas say that not only the neighbors but even those who live on the other side of the street are coming to see them.

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