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NASA is all set to fly a mini helicopter on Mars. Known more

Washington: NASA is preparing to fly a mini-helicopter to the red planet to the astonishment of the scientific world. The helicopter was also sent to Mars for this purpose. The Ingenuity helicopter is attached to NASA’s Mars mission Perseverance Rover. NASA shared footage of the helicopter the previous day.┬áThe video also shows the blades of the helicopter.

According to news reports, the team of rover tweeted on Monday with a photo, “Away goes the debris shield, and here’s our first look at the helicopter. It’s stowed sideways, folded up, and locked in place, so there’s some reverse origami to do before I can set it down. First, though, I’ll be off to the designated helipad,” a couple of days’ drive from here. NASA said that it is not possible to test this helicopter before the first week of April. NASA researchers say no rocket or drone of any kind has ever been flown to an alien planet. This is the first time an engine helicopter will operate on Mars.


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