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A giant sweet, for all sweet lovers: Holi special

Desserts are an important part of every festival. When sewaiyan is traditionally prepared on Eid, Christmas is incomplete without a plum cake. Similarly, gujiyas are an essential part of the festival of Holi, which is going to be celebrated across the country on Monday, 29 March. Ahead of Holi, a shop in Lucknow has given a unique design to the sweet dish and created ‘Baahubali Gujiya’.

The shop named Chhappan Bhog has made a massive gujiya that weighs 1.5 kg. The size of Bahubali Gujiya is 14 inches (35.5 cm), reported news agency ANI. Usually, a gujiya is around 4 inches long. Speaking about the sweet, Shitjit Gupta, who is the marketing head of the sweet shop, said that they want to introduce something every year that surprises their supporters.

The Bahubali Gujiya costs Rs 1,200. Shitjit said that the price of gujiya may vary depending on the ingredients chosen by the customer. He also mentions that the humongous Holi special delicacy takes about 25 minutes to fry. Like its smaller version, the large gujiya is also filled with almonds, pistachios, khoya, sugar and saffron.

The Lucknow sweet shop has received positive response from the customers, according to the marketing head, who said that people are excited to see the ‘Bahubali Gujiya’.

The giant Gujiya is not the only unique preparation the sweet shop has created. According to reports, they has also prepared a baby gujiya which is just 1.5 inches in size. There is also an ‘Exotica’ gujiya reportedly worth Rs 50,000 per kilogram, covered in real gold foil and made with the choicest of ingredients such as Kashmiri saffron.

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