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1 dead, many injured in stabbing attack

One person was dead and many others were injured in a stabbing. The accused attacked people in and near a public library in Vancouver in Canada. Police has arrested the suspect. At least six people were rushed to a hospital.

“We were driving up … and there was a woman right beside her car with a 7-year-old boy, multiple stab wounds and bleeding profusely … She said it was a random stabber who was running down the street,” international news agency Reuters quoted a witness .

CTV broadcast a video apparently showing the arrest of the suspect, who seemed to stab himself in the leg before collapsing and being detained by several police officers.

“I saw people getting tended to by paramedics, they were being given first aid next to a vehicle and also next to a restaurant, and pulled away on stretchers. It was quite sad, especially because apparently one of them was a child,” a witness said.

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