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Gulf country eases entry rules from visitors from 7 countries

A gulf country has eased the entry rules for passengers coming from 7 countries. Oman has announced this. As per the new rules, passengers coming from 7 countries in the list will not need to pre-pay their online registration fee for a PCR test on arrival, but will still need to sign up for one, and pay for it when they land in the country.

“The following seven countries are exempted from online payment: Iran, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria. However, pre-registration is still required”, said ,” Oman Airports in a statement.

Children below the age of 16 – if travelling unaccompanied – are exempt from institutional quarantine, which is otherwise mandatory for others coming into the country. However, they are still required to isolate at home for a week.



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