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Washing machine explosion in mid-cycle wrecks Scottish woman’s kitchen

Scotland: A woman from Scotland did not think that the washing machine was a dangerous thing.  Laura Birrell, a Scots entrepreneur, wondered how her washing machine explodes like a bomb in her home. She was shocked when she checked her kitchen after coming home.

Laura Birrell lives in Glasgow, Scotland. After turning on the washing machine, she went out of the house. When she returned, she found that her washing machine had exploded. The kitchen utensils were scattered in the explosion. Glass appliances and windows were completely destroyed. The house was covered in smoke. Laura Birrell is scared because this is the first time such a situation has arisen. She also posted on Facebook describing her experience. The businesswoman warned people to not leave their washing machines on when they are not at home. No one was injured as the house was unoccupied anyway.

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